Marco Cecconi

Senior Consultant

I help companies improve using remote, scaled agile, DevOps, simple code. Ex Stack Overflow, ex Toptal EM.


Marco built his first commercial website in 1996. Before founding Intelligent Hack he has been a chief architect serving brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, McDonald's, Ferrero, Danone, Heineken; he was a principal developer at Stack Overflow and the first Engineering Manager at Toptal.

I am the founder of Intelligent Hack, an innovative start-up focused on helping you grow your company from thousands to millions, through improving company culture, implementing agile methodologies and remote work, rearchitecting for scale, and paying tech debt.

I was part of the Stack Overflow core development team and I was Toptal’s first Engineering Manager where I helped implement agile and focused on reducing technical debt.

I started working at scale at the beginning of career in a major European web agency, building websites for major brands such as Coca-Cola and Ferrero, but also building experimental websites like one of the first Italian e-commerce sites for SMAU or creating advanced email engines capable of sending millions of emails per day.

I have also been a signed pro musician, a game audio engineer, and a music producer.


So you want a remote job, uh?

Shift 2018

Marco has more than twenty years experience writing software and leading software teams. He's been part of the core team at Stack Overflow until 2017 and is now helping teams excel working remotely at Toptal as an Engineering Manager.

Make coding fun: developing a game in the browser

WebCamp Zagreb 2018

Learn how to develop your own arcade game in the browser and unleash your programming creativity!

Performance tuning Stack Overflow tags

Dot Next 2017

Stack Overlfow - It's all about performance!

Dot Next 2017

The ultimate ZX Spectrum talk

Øredev 2017

I promise you one talk full of everything about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, the revolutionary home computer which sold millions of units from 1982 to 1985, its hardware, ROM, tips, tricks and examples. More than that, I will also talk about how the Spectrum was hacked to do demos, pirate games and all the nasty tricks I can fit in.

High Performance Architecture Of Stack Overflow

JSConf.Asia 2016

Marco is a developer in the core​ Q&A​ team of Stack Overflow since 2013. While not creating bugs and fixing them in a hurry, he enjoys blogging on, covering computers topics from transistors to tech leadership.He frequently speaks on architecture, engineering and Stack Overflow.

High perf architecture at Stack Overflow

code.talks 2016

What I've Learnt Working At Scale

Øredev 2015

How does scale change development? After 10 years developing largely unsuccessful but glamorous sites, I’ve spent the last two helping develop a massively successful network, Stack Overflow. In this talk, I'll show how our question lists work, starting from building an MVP, and showing how performance was iteratively optimized to the current implementation. Working at scale can teach us to build better software at any scale.

Pragmatic Development at Stack Overflow

Øredev 2015

Stack Overflow is developed with a hands-on approach, where practical facts always trump theoretical concerns and this allows us to have a unique blend of techniques and approaches to coding. In this talk you'll learn about Stack Overflow's usage of application architecture, coding abstractions, continuous deployment, methodology. I will give demos of our extensive performance monitoring infrastructure.

Stack Overflow - obiettivo performance

Codemotion Rome 2015

Stack Exchange è uno dei 50 maggiori network al mondo ed è sviluppato con l'obiettivo di essere il sito più veloce in assoluto. Nel talk racconto: * L'architettura fisica di Stack Overflow. Quanti server abbiamo? A cosa servono e cosa sono le loro spec? * L'architettura logica del software. Come scaliamo? Quali sono i pezzi principali dell'applicazione? * Il sistema di tool. Cosa usiamo per sostenere la nostra filosofia di "extreme optimization"? * Il team di sviluppo. Quali sono i nostri valori fondamentali? Che impronta volgiamo lasciare come sviluppatori?

Come funziona Stack Overflow: dall’architettura server ai tool di sviluppo

Community Days 2014

The Architecture of Stack Overflow

Øredev 2014

What is the physical architecture of Stack Overflow? How many servers are there? What is their purpose and what are their specs? What The logical architecture of the software. How do we scale up? What are the main building blocks of our software? The tooling system. What supports our extreme optimization philosophy? The development team. What are our core values? What footprint do we want to leave as developers?

The Architecture of Stack Overflow

Infoshare 2014

The Architecture of Stack Overflow

Developer Conference 2013

Germany's largest class reunion for the developer scene

The architecture of Stack Overflow

How to Web 2013

The Stack Exchange network is a huge success story counting 109 sites, many millions of visitors per month. What software architecture powers a global top 100 website? How is our software structured? How many servers are there? Come find out!

The Architecture of StackOverflow

Dev Day 2013

Architecture of StackOverflow — the TL;DR

Hacker News London 2013

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