Luke Wilson


I level up teams. Tech lead, scrum master, ex Toptal consultant.


Luke's passion for computing began at the age of eight, writing ASCII games in Qbasic. Before joining Intelligent Hack as an Engineering Manager, he worked in a variety of on-premise and remote roles as a senior developer, team lead, and CTO, as well as working as a freelance consultant on the Toptal network helping start-ups deliver MVPs.

With 12 years of professional experience as an engineer, team lead, and scrum master, I started my career writing trading systems in .NET, before broadening my experience in the London startup scene. I then held various leadership and technical roles in the Toptal core team (working with Rails and Node.js) before moving on to lead a remote team for a US-based consultancy. After that, I joined the Toptal network as a freelancer, helping start-ups build MVPs and take them to market, before joining IntelligentHack as their first Engineering Manager.


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