Performance Tuning

We understand that performance is a feature and know how to do it best

With the advent of the digital age and social media culture, people’s attention spans have been decreasing exponentially. When it comes to your applications or websites, Google places a high level of emphasis on the performance factors.

One way performance can be defined as, is the perceived speed of your application or website. It indicates page load times of direct traffic and interactivity on your website. The better the performance, greater the user retention and engagement. On the contrary, if your website doesn’t fully display its content within a few milliseconds, you can easily lose customers.

In 2017, Google conducted a research on performance and speed of websites and the user retention rate. The research showed that more than half of all mobile site visits were abandoned if a website’s page didn’t load within 3 seconds.

Performance Increases Consumer Satisfaction

Ever wondered why Google only limits the search results to 10 entries per page? Google VP Marissa Mayer ran an experiment on the Google search engine where she increased the number of search results to 30. Surprisingly, the engagement dropped by 20%! The mystery factor behind it was speed! When the page had 10 results, it took only 0.4 seconds to generate, and when it was increased to 30, it took 0.9 seconds. Thus, the delay affected user satisfaction.

If you have a retail business or you offer online services, your website must be up to date on its agility. High speed and performance will keep your customers on your website which is essential in securing sales. If the data on your website takes a long time to load, your customers will have no trouble going to your competitors.

Stack Overflow - A Pristine Example of Performance

When it comes to development, Stack Exchange chants the mantra “start with what we know, measure it live and fix the slow.” Stack Exchange web applications use a monolithic C# / MS SQL architecture. The Stack Overflow website is no exception, and it serves over 4 billion requests per month. It also performs 528M queries /day, with peak 11000 queries/second.

Stack Exchange understands the importance of performance in improving user experience, hence teams prioritize slow performance issues over other issues and strive to fix them as soon as possible. They also pay high emphasis on tooling to measure and monitor performance, such as miniprofiler, Opserver and Dapper.

How Can Our Team Can Help?

There is no question that increasing the performance of your applications has beneficial effects on users, and therefore helps you achieve your business goals better. But it can also be risky. If not done correctly, it can lead to bugs and convoluted code.

Our senior consultants are principal engineers right out of Stack Overflow. They leverage their vast experience to push your website to the next level of performance. Using various tools of performance tuning, we improve your business scalability, integrate data, and optimize workflows.

We can bring to your company the experience of developing Stack Overflow, arguably the best performant .Net site, to maximize your performance without any hassle!

A winning Agile approach to development, multiple deployments per day, remote work excellence and ability to scale your service to millions of users are fundamental differentiators from your competition.

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