DevOps and Cloud

What is DevOps and why do we need it?

DevOps is a firm handshake between your developers and operations staff. It goes beyond just tools: It is a mindset, a philosophy that defines how teams work together to achieve business goals. Developers handle operations work as part of their routines and operations treat infrastructure and configuration as a development problem. DevOps speeds up the time to market, enables automation, and allows faster innovation.

With the advent of the Cloud Age, where servers and infrastructure have moved from physical location to cloud, processes are becoming more fluid and dynamic. Organizations are adopting cloud computing and focusing on their core competencies to seek a competitive advantage through cost saving measures. Companies are relying more and more on developers to be able to work directly with cloud services (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud).

Automation and use of cloud-based tools in cloud computing can help developers manage the development process so there is no chance for human error. In addition, cloud-based operations also reduce downtime and help improve business reliability and customer satisfaction.

As companies continue their shift towards cloud, Gartner predicts a 308.5 billion dollar increase in the worldwide public cloud service revenue. By 2022, about 60% organizations will adopt any form of an external service provider’s cloud managed service offering.

Merging Development and Operations

Development and Operations (DevOps) are often two merged functions. Together, they help bridge the gap between development and operations teams. The use of various infrastructure automation techniques in DevOps can vastly reduce the complexity of deployment and operations.

When used in the context of Continuous Deployment (CD), DevOps positions itself as an attractive software development process that establishes a strong connection between development and operations teams. The many benefits of CD involve less disruption, freedom of release, quick feedback from customers, improved customer satisfaction and product quality.

The combined use of DevOps/CD has led to the emergence of new practices. With the continually changing internet environment, we are seeing an increase in continuous integration and deployment, the use of infrastructure as code, and the widespread adoption of lean principles and agile methodologies. As a result, companies are seeing the need for flexibility and adaptation to create a positive impact on time-to-market and agility.

How Can Intelligent Hack Help?

Businesses who use DevOps understand the industry requirements and the need for change. They also save cost on the development, testing, deployment, and operations stages. Organizations that do not consider adopting cloud computing, are at a strategic disadvantage compared to their competitors.

If your company is stuck at the beginning of this journey, Intelligent Hack consultants are at the forefront of this change and know how to help you get ahead of the curve. With our long history of working with some of the thought leaders in the DevOps field, we can help steer your company culture towards these practices through sophisticated tools, training, and access to information.

For more information about DevOps and how we can integrate it into your business plan, reach out to us here.

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