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Whether you are a navigated company that serves millions, a start-up that is growing or a scale-up that struggles with success, we are here to help!
Best-in-class performance

We can help you scale from thousands to tens of millions of users

Whether you are a start-up dreaming big and creating a more robust platform, a scale-up that achieved product-market fit and need to cope with exponential growth or a long-standing player with a well deserved position that wants to get better results with less deployment costs, Intelligent Hack can help you.

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hardened by practice AND SCIENCE

Our approach is fact-based and experience-based

We base our approach on facts and experience and we are able to guarantee a high rate of success in our interventions.

Research and science
We base our approach on science and research as much as we can to guarantee repeatability of outcome. We are not architectural astronauts.
World-class expertise
Tens of millions of users, billions of database rows, tens of thousands of transactions per second and tens of millions of lines of code... we've dealt with it!
Lasting effects
Our approach is not only effective quickly and in the short run. We always aim to have a long-lasting positive effect in our consultancies. We do so by helping along cultural and technical change within the organization and making sure mistakes of the past are not repeated.

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