Intelligent Hack Brings the Tech and Culture Behind Stack Overflow and Toptal to Startups and Digital Businesses

Trento, 21 March 2021. Marco Cecconi and Oded Coster, after important positions at Stack Overflow and Toptal, form a new premium consultancy, Intelligent Hack, to help start-ups scale from thousands to millions of users.

As more diverse businesses automate their operations and embrace remote work, there is a huge need for the skills needed to create sustainable digital companies that have the quality of code, culture, and processes that allow them to work at scale.

Marco and Oded spent years dealing with top 50 websites and speaking internationally about how to architect sites that can sustain tens of millions of users and billions of page views per month using minimal hardware and the correct adoption of remote work, agile development, and sustainable development practices.

Marco says, "There is a huge need for the services we provide, and there are very few people willing to share their skills and expertise to help successful companies achieve scale and development sustainability.

"Almost as soon as we started, we needed to hire more and more people to be able to serve demand and we've been bootstrapped from day one. In 2019 I was doing solo consulting and by mid-2020 we were 12 people, and we're constantly growing.

"Our key advantage is that our consultants have extensive experience at scale and they have been key contributors in building some of the world's most popular websites and brands, so we are very practical and pragmatic -- we have a track record of getting stuff done, and done right."

Their services are available for booking directly from their website, starting today. 

Companies are engaged with a short remote call to understand the needs, followed by a quick objective assessment of the situation that leaves customers in charge of how to proceed.

From then on, as needed, Intelligent Hack provides the right mix of tooling choices and implementation, instructors and coaches, remote developers, and architects to achieve fast results that last over time.

Their customers include start-ups in Silicon Valley, London, and Portugal and large websites and installations in northern and southern Italy.

One customer states that after Intelligent Hack's help they are now  "able to complete a full release of our software in about half an hour (approximately one hour on an environment of more than 100 servers!) - and the end-user hardly notices a thing!"

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