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Lead developer


At Intelligent Hack, our mission is to help companies scale up and improve their performance. As the world moves towards a code-first digital revolution, we want to become a leading force promoting good programming practices, a healthy and inclusive developer culture and a fully distributed remote work force.

As a lead developer, you will be in charge of a team providing expertise and developing products for our customers. The kind of jobs we have been doing include:

  • Creating, developing and delivering a payment/wallet web site that scales to 80 million users.
  • Implementing a highly advanced marketing system to generate thousands of high quality, enriched leads per day for sales.
  • Ensuring that the launch of new a sports scoring app just before tournaments can withstand hundreds of thousands of users.

Our main tech stack is C#, ASP.NET core, and Microsoft SQL Server, with supporting technologies like Redis, TypeScript, and Elasticsearch, but we are stack agnostic and work with our customers' technology of choice. As a company dedicated to increasing developer knowledge, we’ll give you the resources and support you need to develop mastery in your craft.

Skills and Requirements

We expect to see:

  • Extensive programming skills in C# and .NET or other similar strongly typed languages and web frameworks, with a track record of getting stuff done.
  • You are adept at shipping high quality, well-tested code in a fast paced environment.
  • 5+ years of backend development experience with any major server-side stack, relational database, and caching layer. Experience in our stack is a plus, but not a requirement.
  • You have multiple years of experience architecting solutions and have working knowledge of the major architectural paradigms (SOA, microservices, monolith...).
  • Multiple years of leading development teams.
  • Deep experience with Agile methodologies such as Scrum, XP, or Kanban. You’ve been leading teams that practice Agile and you understand why it’s beneficial for the team.
  • Self-motivating, self-directing, and a great communicator (written and oral). You thrive in an environment that grants you a lot of autonomy to explore creative solutions.
  • Excellent problem solving skills. You excel at analyzing and solving problems using technology.
  • Working within UTC-7:00 (US) to UTC+2:00 (Europe) time zones.

We like to see (but not required):

  • Experience working remotely and/or working with teams that are distributed geographically.
  • An active GitHub profile, open source code, example projects that you're proud of (whether open source or worked on at a previous job), or any other evidence of your passion for building great software.
  • Experience with building high scale, community-based web applications with 6-figure monthly unique visitors or more.

What you’ll get in return:

  • European-level salary.
  • All you need to do your job (desktop build budget, licenses, books and gadgets).
  • Team retreats in very nice places (when covid will permit).
  • Work and learn in an environment full of friendly, highly passionate, highly skilled people.
  • Employees will never be poked with a sharp stick.

Work Environment:

We’re a fully remote, fully distributed, agile company. We do not discriminate based on gender, location, nationality, sexual orientation, disability or other protected class.


Please send all of the following: a cover letter, curriculum vitae or resume, github/stack overflow links, and anything else that shows your passion for coding to, or click apply.