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With our long history of working with some of the thought leaders in the DevOps field, we can help you steer your company culture towards it with tools, training, and information access.

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Remote Work

We can help your team do effective remote work, no matter the size. We have a combined experience of over 20 years working remotely for the most advanced smart working companies such as Stack Overflow and Toptal.

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Agile Coaching

We have been successfully implementing agile since 2005 both in single teams and in organizations of up to 200 developers.

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Who we are and what we do

We are your “development therapist”. We are not afraid to ask the tough questions to find the root cause of your problems holding you back from achieving your goals. We team up with you, work closely with your management and staff to come up with the best solutions.
Spiralling costs

Is your software maintenance creating more workload when it should make your life easier?


Do you think your team has what it takes, but you still don’t get the desired results?

In need of assessment

Or you are not quite sure where it all went wrong, you just know that something’s not quite right?

Scaling challenges

With great success come great scaling challenges. Constant upgrading of your infrastructure is not enough to keep up with demand!

Technical debt

You fought, you struggled and you won. After many years you should be enjoying the fruits of success but your development team is not delivering new results.

We are there for you!

At Intelligent Hack our consultants have twenty years experience in dealing with a wide variety of situations. Feel free to book a free consultation with us to assess your unique requirements.

We bring facts and results to the table, quickly.

It all starts with an assessment

We investigate your current situation separating facts from opinions and giving you an accurate picture for sensible decision-making.

Fast results

In a large majority of cases, an accurate analysis will bring up a few root causes that can be addressed straight away for short term improvements -- and a plan to ensure they last in the long run.


Case studies

Learn about the strategies we use to help our clients
Repaying Technical Debt

Getting your teams productive again

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Remote Work Adoption Support

Going remote, the right way

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Agile Implementation and Coaching

From Waterfall, To Agile

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Approaching a new customer

One of the key ideas we have as we approach new customers is that we want objective results and data to drive planning our interventions.

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